Mobile Phone Price Comparison

Mobile Phone Price Comparison

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Welcome to Koala Mobile Phone Deals, the top site for finding mobile phones in Australia. With a wide range of products from all the leading manufacturers, we’re proud to offer the best range of mobile phone deals to one of the world’s leading mobile markets.

With our range of products, informative reviews, news and analysis, we keep our finger on the pulse so that we can keep you informed. It’s not just about selling the deal that we’re keen on this week. It’s about providing comparison of mobile phones so that you can make an informed choice and find the best phone for the best price.

Our information, your choice

There’s a lot of information out there about mobile phones. There are magazines and websites offering you their opinions on the latest gadgets, manufacturers throwing adverts and marketing campaigns in your face, and phone networks telling you why you should want to go with them. You could spend all day sifting through all those words and still not know what you wanted.

We want to cut through that complexity and help you make an informed choice. We don’t have an interest in a particular manufacturer, just a wealth of information on all of them. So you can look at the reviews on our site, compare the phones and pick the one that’s perfect for you.

We’re here to make your decision easier while still making sure that it’s your choice.

A phone specifically for you

With a wide range of phones, including the latest iPhone, Samsung and Nokia products, our site lets you easily compare all the latest products in the Australian phone market.

Of course, not everybody wants the same thing from their phone. Maybe you want a cheap phone that will do the basics. Perhaps you like to live on the cutting edge, playing with the latest apps and hardware developments. Security might be your concern, ensuring that you can lock down your personal information or the work that you do on the go. Or maybe you just want plenty of memory and access to iTunes so that you can always listen to the song that’s going round in your head.

Whether you see phone cameras as a necessary evil or an opportunity for endless selfies; whether you prefer to call or to text; whether you want something small and discrete or something flashy and unmissable; whatever your taste in mobile phones, we’re here to help.

Informative and easy to understand

It’s easy to get bogged down in jargon, especially where technology’s concerned. You could drown in the buzzwords and acronyms coming out of some companies. But we’re not like that.

Our reviews use plain language to explain the features of the phone, what it does and what it means for you. We’re not counting on confusing salesmanship to get you buying through us. We’ve got the best mobile phone deals in Australia for that. So our reviews are useful and informative, aimed at what you need to know.

We’ve also left space for comments on our reviews. Your feedback can help us improve our understanding of the phones and of what you want, so that we can provide a better service. Those comments also let you can share your opinions with other customers. Don’t just take our word on what’s good – let your fellow customers help you out.

Balancing cost and quality

Getting the best mobile phone deals isn’t just about choosing between cost and quality – it’s about finding those moments when you can get the best of both worlds.

You want to save money on your phone – who doesn’t? But you don’t want something battered and second hand or that’s wildly out of date. Knowing the market means you can find another way. Sometimes phones are available at a better price for a new launch, as manufacturers try to push them out into the market, to build a buzz around their gadget. Sometimes prices drop off as a newer model appears, when the old one still does everything you need at the quality you’re looking for. Sometimes you can save money on a handset through a longer contract, or free yourself up to shop around through a shorter one. Making the most of those trends means that we can provide you with the best phones at the best prices.

Playing it smart

A smartphone is so much more than just a phone. With the right apps it can be your entertainment centre, office, accountant and personal trainer. It provides games for you to play when you’re bored, a space to note down all your bright ideas, and instant access to your email. You can use it to plug into your social networks when you just want to relax with friends, or into the whole of human knowledge through the power of the internet.

Or just use it to look at pictures of cats. Your choice.

The point is that we provide access to the latest top of the range smartphones, like the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4. If you want the latest in mobile phone technology, if you want the most sophisticated handheld devices available on the planet, and if you want it all with a deal that’s unbeatable for mobile phones in Australia, then we’re the place for you.

Keeping us informed, keeping you informed

As well as hunting out the best mobile phone deals in Australia, we stay on the lookout for news on the mobile market. Our news section reflects the fact that we’re keeping ourselves informed so that the information, offers and products we provide to you are up to date. We don’t want to sell you a faulty product, or encourage you to buy something that will be out of date in two weeks’ time. So we make sure that we know what’s going on, and we share that information with you.

Because this site is also a way for you to stay informed. If you’re interested in what’s happening with mobile phones, in the latest innovations and news from retailers and manufacturers, then keep an eye on our news page. Writers from around the world have sought out stories that are of interest to you, whether it’s looking at the latest technology prior to a global release or focusing in on Australian issues. We’re making sure that we have the expertise and knowledge to serve you, but that doesn’t mean that we want to keep it all to ourselves.

Quality, prices and information all on one site

With all this information and expertise we like to think that we’re giving you the best mobile phone deals in Australia. But don’t take our word for it, have a look around. Browse through our range of phones and informative reviews, or read up on recent phone news. Compare prices and features on the phones, maybe pick out the one for you. And if you’ve got any questions or feedback please let us know – our customers are one of the best sources of information we have, and we’d love to hear from you.